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Illustration, Design and Imaging by Clive Baker


Reproducing industrial and transport equipment in model form is a secondry activity under Clive's skills umbrella.

The static model of a battery operated mining locomotive is an example of a bespoke item built from raw materials with reference to the designer's drawings. The model was exhibited at a trade exhibition in China.

The bowstring bridge built to a freelance design utilising bamboo strips, laminated to form the bow, doweling and brass rod is part of a garden railway; exposed to the elements, its durability has been well tested.

The narrow gauge working 7mm scale model locomotive and carriage are both scratch-built from plans supplied by the owners of the heritage prototypes. They consist of brass moving parts and styrene superstructure. The locomotive's wheels, gears and motor are proprietary items.

The working model of a railway station can be described as a historic document that also moves. It features buildings constructed from cardboard, styrene etc, a backcloth created from photographs suitably manipulated and railway rolling stock assembled from scratch or commercially acquired kits.

View the model in action: